The government has set a modest aim of 30-32 million tons of wheat procurement for the 2024–2025 season

According to the food ministry, the government has set a cautious objective for the purchase of wheat during the 2024–25 rabi marketing season, which is in the region of 30-32 million tons. Despite the Ministry of Agriculture’s hopes for a record wheat production of 114–115 million tonnes in the 2023–24 crop year (July–June), the lower…

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The government tightens wheat stock regulations in order to increase supply holding limits

The government on Thursday cut in half the maximum amount of wheat that traders, wholesalers, large retailers, and processors could store in stock while extending the restrictions until March 31, 2024, in an effort to increase wheat supplies and discourage hoarding. Up until the end of the current fiscal year, stock holding limits for wheat…

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