The government has set a modest aim of 30-32 million tons of wheat procurement for the 2024–2025 season

According to the food ministry, the government has set a cautious objective for the purchase of wheat during the 2024–25 rabi marketing season, which is in the region of 30-32 million tons.

Despite the Ministry of Agriculture’s hopes for a record wheat production of 114–115 million tonnes in the 2023–24 crop year (July–June), the lower target has been set. In addition to wheat, the ministry has set a goal of obtaining 9–10 million tons of rice during the rabi season through paddy procurement.

Against the goal of 34.15 million tons, the government only acquired roughly 26.2 million tonnes of wheat in the 2023–24 season. Against the goal of 44.4 million tonnes, just 18.8 million tons of wheat were procured in 2022–2023.

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