Nifty50: Q4 Net Profit may Double on a Lower Base

Q4 Results will give positive impact

Nifty 50 companies will report strong overall performance for March 2021
Quarterly due to lower base in the quarter carried out by companies
Rules and losses have been reported during the onset of the Covit-19 epidemic.

According to ETIG’s estimates, the model’s revenue is expected to increase by 20%
Whereas the net profit may more than double. In the previous quarter of the year, revenue and profit
Decreased by 3.6% and 51.4%, respectively.

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Continuously, revenue and profit growth for the March quarter will be 18%
2.4% compared to 11.4% and 14.4% in the previous quarter, respectively. Below
Tax growth is likely to slow if the previous two quarters give strong sustained growth
Rising input costs.

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