Initially, more government entities were permitted to directly procure wheat for Bharat Atta

The government is ramping up its Bharat brand of staples to control prices, with Nafed and NCCF tasked with procuring wheat directly from farmers, particularly in states like Bihar, Rajasthan, and eastern Uttar Pradesh where MSP benefits are often missed.

This move aims to reduce reliance on FCI for wheat procurement. FCI’s role in ensuring food security involves procuring, storing, and distributing food grains like wheat and rice.

Bharat brand products are being sold at subsidized rates to mitigate food inflation, with agencies like Kendriya Bhandar, Nafed, and NCCF selling through various channels including e-commerce sites and retail stores.

The government is keen on promoting Bharat brand products, especially to consumers ineligible for free food grain under PMGKAY. Efforts are also underway to ensure product quality through a ‘track and trace’ mechanism.

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