India sets supply limitations on chana and tur to keep prices down

To reduce hoarding and increase supply, the government announced in a statement that it has extended its stock limitations on pulses, including tur and chana, to wholesalers, retailers, large chain shops, millers, and importers until September 30.

Stock limitations of 200 MT for wholesalers, 5 MT for retailers, 5 MT at each retail location, and 200 MT at the depot for large chain retailers have been established under this order for tur and chana, including Kabuli chana. These limits apply to each of the pulses separately. The last quarter of production or 25% of the installed capacity for the year, whichever is higher, is the limit for millers.

The importer has 45 days from the date of customs clearance to keep imported merchandise. All of these organizations are required to disclose their stock positions on the Department of Consumer Affairs portal. If their holdings exceed the allowed stock limits, they must reduce them by July 12, 2024.

Price increases for pulses, such as tur, chana, and urad, have been sustained over the past year due to mismatches in supply and demand, maintaining double-digit inflation in the category throughout. The previous fiscal year saw India import almost 8 lakh tonnes of tur and 6 lakh tonnes of urad.

The government and consumers are concerned about double-digit inflation, which affects 6% of the food basket and 2.4% of the total consumer basket. Pulses are included in the inflation calculation.

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