This year’s wheat yield should be strong, according to the minister of agriculture

The agriculture minister, predicts that the nation will produce a significant amount of wheat this year due to increased coverage. The principal rabi (winter) crop, wheat, was sown in October and is already fully grown. The top three states with the most area covered by wheat are Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Punjab. “As per the sowing data, wheat has been covered in more area and we expect good production this year,”.

The total area planted to wheat remained higher, according to ministry data, at 336.96 lakh hectares till the final week of the current rabi season of the 2023–24 crop year (July–June), compared to 335.67 lakh hectares during the same period last year. As long as the weather stays regular, the nation may set a new record for wheat output in the current crop year (2023–24) with 114 million tons, according to Food Corporation of India Chairman and Managing Director. In the 2022–2023 crop year, wheat production reached a record 110.55 million tons, up from 107.7 million tons the year before.

“The current cold weather condition is good for the growth of wheat and other rabi crops,” he stated. According to him, more than 70% of the wheat acreage in Punjab and Haryana this year has been planted with climate-resistant seeds. According to the data, a total of almost 59 lakh hectares have been planted with wheat by the two states this year. In the meanwhile, the ministry of agriculture has begun to regularly issue advice to assist farmers in caring for the wheat crop once seeding is complete.

The government has requested farmers to finish using nitrogen fertilizer up to 40–45 days after sowing, according to the most recent advise, which is valid for the dates of January 16–30. For optimal effects, farmers have been advised to apply urea right before watering. Farmers have been urged to supply ‘growth regulators’ in high fertility irrigated situations in order to combat lodging in early seeded wheat crops. Consider the Met Department’s forecast while applying light watering to wheat crops to prevent frost.

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