The SGX Nifty marks a favorable start for the Indian market

The SGX Nifty is at 15,882.20, up 125.20 points.

The Nifty had a very volatile session, with the Sensex hitting a new all-time high, reaching the big milestone of 53000.

The Nifty came into the 15900 whistles hitting 15900 before booking a profit in the last hour and all gains were wiped out as the Nifty closed with a gain of 25 points.

The Bank Nifty hovered above 600 points before closing 120 points.

Although the width suggests a new rise in the Nifty next week, the mid-cap can be expected to continue to perform better.

US Stock Market:
As Federal Reserve Chairman Powell reiterates interim inflation, he assures the market that US stocks will rise and that there will be no change in the market until growth numbers are stabilized.

Bond yield trading is close to 1.46%, with the Dow Jones up 70 points as tech stocks rose 111 points on the Nasdaq.

Asian Stock Market:
Asian markets opened in the green led by the Japanese Nikkei, which offsets all losses today after a sell-off of over 1000 points on Friday.

Taiwan and South Korean markets also joined in gains today as technology stocks made gains in Asia.

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