The market closure is low and the infra stocks are performing well

The market today saw a negative day.

Bank Nifty downgraded the Nifty by 0.5% for the second consecutive trading session, with both indices closing their intraday lows.

The Nifty ID Index ended higher by 0.7%. Shares of major Midcap Infra stocks saw a strong day of trading with stocks such as BNC Infra, Nar Construction, and Dilip Bildcon.

Nifty midcap 100 index close higher on 0.4%.

The market width ended in favor of improvements as the forecast/decline ratio ended at 1: 1x. The Nifty saw a long break during the day.

Prior to the options (expiring July 29, 2021), as the Nifty was low, call option strikes were seen across the board writing. India Vix Index No.1 ended 0.1% lower at 13.

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