The European Union raises the general wheat crop forecast for 2021/22 to 126.2 mln T

The European Commission on Thursday raised its projected wheat production for the 27 EU member states to 126.2 million tonnes by 2021/22.

This was 6.5% more than the 2020/21 crop of 117.2 million tonnes, as shown by the Commission’s monthly supply and demand data.

The EU Commission on General Wheat or Soft Wheat Exports remained unchanged at 30 million in 2021/22, compared to 27 million expected in the current 2020/21 season-ending June.

However, planned wheat stocks were reduced to reflect higher expectations for wheat used in animal feed.

Common wheat stocks at the end of 2021/22 fell to 10.8 million tonnes from 11.4 million last month.

This reflected a 1 million tonne increase in expected fodder demand for wheat next season, as well as a 1 million tonne increase in 2020/21 stocks, the same amount generated from the increase in feed consumption.

Production of usable barley in the EU in 2021/22 was reduced from 1.5 million tonnes to 54.5 million tonnes compared to the previous month, while maize production next season was reduced from 71.3 million tonnes to 71 million tonnes.

Commission data shows that 1 million tonnes are expected to be reduced to 15 million tonnes for both 2020/21 and 2021/22.

On the demand side, the planned use of maize in both seasons was reduced in line with the expanded use of wheat.

Among oilseeds, planned EU rapeseed production and imports for the next season remained unchanged at 16.7 million tonnes and 5.8 million tonnes, respectively.

However, rapeseed imports for 2020/21 were revised from 6.0 million to 6.2 million tonnes.

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