Stock restrictions on tur and urad are extended by the centre until December 31 by two months

The government updated the stock holding limits for several entities on Monday and prolonged the time frame for the current stock limitations on tur and urad by two months until December 31 of this year. The Food and Consumer Affairs Ministry has decreased the stock restrictions at the depot for wholesalers and large chain shops from 200 tonne to 50 tonne each.

Additionally, the millers’ stock limit was changed from the previous three months’ worth of production, or 25% of annual capacity, whichever was larger, to the previous month’s worth of production, or 10% of annual capacity. The ministry stated in a statement that the changes to the stock limits and lengthening of the time period were made to “prevent hoarding, encourage the continuous release of tur and urad in sufficient quantities to the market, and make tur dal and urad dal available at affordable prices for the consumers.”

The most recent directive established stock limitations for tur and urad through December 31 for all states and Union Territories. Nevertheless, importers are not permitted to keep imported merchandise for more than 30 days following the date of customs clearance.

The stock situation of tur and urad is being actively monitored by the Department of Consumer Affairs through the stock disclosure site, which is evaluated weekly with the state government, according to the statement. It should be mentioned that, according to data from the agricultural ministry, the area sown to pulses during the current kharif season has remained lower at 122.57 lakh hectares as of September 22 compared to 128.49 lakh hectares in the same period last year.

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