Natural gas prices increased, driven by a drop in daily output.

The price of natural gas significantly increased by 4.54% to reach 237. This increase was linked to a decrease in daily gas output and an increase in gas flow to American LNG export terminals. According to data, gas production peaked in August at 102.2 billion cubic feet per day (bcfd) and then decreased in September to a five-month low of 99.6 bcfd.

Meanwhile, as Freeport LNG in Texas returned to nearly full service, flows to U.S. LNG export facilities rose. The weather is expected to be average up to September 23, but from September 24 to September 30, temperatures are expected to be warmer than normal, which could affect demand for natural gas.

Cooler temperatures can cause people to use less petrol for immediate consumption and air conditioning. The increase in gas flows to U.S. LNG export facilities, on the other hand, has remained steady and reached a two-week high due to higher flows to Freeport LNG.

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