Key vegetable prices in Mandi decline due to a rapid supply

Mandi In comparison to last year, tomato, onion, and garlic prices have significantly decreased as supplies have increased as a result of above-average monsoon rains in major production states like Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh.

According to traders, given robust production and sufficient supply, prices of these important agricultural commodities are predicted to remain low for the next two months. Due to a record-breaking output, benchmark onion prices in Lasalgaon, Maharashtra, have decreased by about 29% to Rs.1,152 per quintal on Wednesday.

Traders reported that Maharashtra and Karnataka, the main producing states, had produced about 20% more stored rabi onions than the previous year. These onions make up about 60% of the entire output and are currently being supplied. Onion prices are averaging around Rs 15 per kg in Azadpur, the largest market for fruits and vegetables in Asia, whereas retail prices, according to the ministry of consumer affairs, were Rs. 25 per kg.

The benchmark mandi prices of tomato at Kolar in Karnataka stood at Rs. 870 per quintal on Wednesday, down by around 10% from a year ago and at least 24% below the last three year’s seasonal average. Currently, retail prices are at Rs.35/40 a kg across major cities. In July, inflation for potato and tomato increased by 23.79% and 44%, respectively, while garlic and onion price inflation were down 29.73% and 20.57% on the year.

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