KEC International receives orders totaling Rs. 1373 crore across its business sectors

On Wednesday, KEC International, a company that specializes in construction engineering, announced that it had received orders totaling Rs. 1373 crore across all of its companies. KEC International Ltd., a significant global infrastructure EPC player, and RPG Group Company, announced in a regulatory filing that it has “secured new orders totaling Rs 1373 crore across its various businesses.”

In addition to orders for cables in India and abroad, the company has also received orders from the railways, the residential and commercial building sectors, transmission and distribution, and other industries. “We are happy with the new order wins secured across our business verticals, particularly in Railways,” stated Vimal Kejriwal, MD & CEO, KEC International Ltd.

The company has orders in India’s technologically advanced, traditional, or rising areas for the railway sector. These include orders for the Automatic Block Signalling (ABS) system’s signaling and telecommunication, as well as orders for the 2 x 25 kV Overhead Electrification (OHE) and related works for speed upgrades.

According to KEC International, the company has orders in India’s residential and commercial building segments for the civil segment. KEC International has contracts for transmission and distribution (T&D) projects in India and the Americas. The supply of towers in India and the United States of America, as well as the supply of towers, hardware, and poles throughout the Americas, were all secured by its subsidiary SAE Towers. The company has received orders for a variety of cables in India and abroad in the area of the cable as well.

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