India produced 78.65 MT of coal, a 19% increase, in October.

India produced 78.65 million metric tonnes (MT) of coal in October, an increase of 18.59%.
In the same month in the previous fiscal year, the nation produced 66.32 MT. The state-owned CIL produced 15.36% more coal in October of this year (61.07 MT) than it did in the same month last year (52.94 MT), according to a statement from the coal ministry.

Approximately 80% of the coal produced in the country is produced by Coal India Ltd (CIL). From April to October of FY24, production reached 507.02 MT, up from 448.49 MT in the same period of FY23. Compared to October FY23, when the dispatch of coal was 67.13 MT, it jumped to 79.30 MT last month.

“The increase in coal production and dispatch highlights the country’s progress towards energy self-sufficiency and strengthens our commitment to addressing future energy needs,” the ministry stated.

The Ministry of Coal is unwavering in its resolve to maintain uninterrupted coal production and distribution, guaranteeing a stable energy source that supports the country’s continued progress.

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