Growing imports of less expensive pepper hurt local spices

Due to its increased availability at reduced pricing in consumer marketplaces, imported pepper from other producing nations is purportedly hurting the prospects of domestically produced goods.

Traders said that prices for pepper in the countries that produce it have started to drop and are currently averaging between $2,500 and $2,600 per tonne in Brazil, $3,000 in Vietnam, and $5,000 in Sri Lanka. They said that variations of this from Brazil and Vietnam were being sold in India as either cotton trash or paper waste.

All of the country’s consumer markets offer this imported merchandise for between $490 and $495, whereas Indian prices are at $490. It would cost approximately 515 pounds with GST and freight fees.

Indian pepper prices are keeping steady due to festival demand in upcountry markets, according to Kishore Shamji, President of the Indian Pepper and Spice Traders Association (IPSTA), and are rising in front of the Diwali season, particularly from masala makers.

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