Government permits 3.5 lakh tonnes of broken rice to be exported to Senegal and Gambia

As an exception due to the ban on shipping of this variety of rice on September 8, 2022, the government has authorized the export of 3.5 lakh tonnes (lt) of broken rice to Senegal and Gambia. The Ministry has also approved the delivery of 9,990 tonnes of broken rice to Djibouti, Ethiopia. Ruby Overseas of Chennai will handle the shipping. The Center has granted requests to export broken rice from Royal Mirage Consultancy (5,000 tonnes), Sarala Food (12,500 tonnes), and Laxmi Group of Industries (2,000 tonnes) in the case of the Gambia out of the total amount authorized for exports.

Out of the total 2.5 lakh tonnes for Senegal, the Ministry has cleared 1,12,500 tonnes, with Sarala Foods, Sri Chitra Exports, Manasa Quality Enterprises, Pattabhi Agro Foods Pvt Ltd, and CLRK Industries receiving 22,500 tonnes apiece to ship. The analyst, who wished to remain anonymous, claimed that the exports were permitted for both tactical and External Affairs Ministry involvement reasons. The expert pointed to the Center’s notifications while restricting rice shipments and barring wheat exports, saying India has made it plain that it will cover the food needs of “sensitive countries.”

He claimed that before approaching the Commerce Ministry, “the External Affairs Ministry would have taken into consideration a number of factors.”A segment of the industry is displeased with the Center’s approval of broken rice exports and questions why it was allowed to go to these countries but not other countries. However, a trade expert reported that the Commerce Ministry granted permission for shipments to the Gambia, Senegal, and Djibouti in response to a request from the Ministry of External Affairs.

Because the kharif paddy production in important rice-growing regions in the eastern sections was hampered by insufficient monsoon rains, the Center banned the export of broken rice and levied a 20% levy on shipments of white and brown rice. At 108.07 million tonnes (mt) in 2022 versus 111 mt in 2021, rice production during the kharif season was predicted to be lower. The Ministry of Agriculture estimates that the rabi crop’s output was 22.76 mt, compared to 18.47 mt a year earlier, making up for the loss. Rice output is expected to reach a record 130.84 mt for the current crop year through June, up from 129.47 mt in the previous crop year, according to estimates from the Ministry of Agriculture.

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