Coal India claims to be making every attempt to supply more coal to the unregulated sector.

State-owned CIL announced on Friday that it is stepping up output in an endeavor to enhance coal supplies to the unregulated sector (NRS) without compromising supplies to the power industry. The announcement follows the Maharatna firm’s announcement a few days prior that it is preparing to satisfy the demand for coal from the power industry due to the early start of summer and an increase in industrial demand for electricity.

Coal India Ltd (CIL), which is stepping up deliveries, is prepared to report a 16.6% increase in coal despatch to its non-regulated sector customers in the fourth quarter of the current fiscal year compared to the quarter before. In the current fiscal year’s fourth quarter, an average of 3.67 lakh tonnes of coal had been delivered to NRS clients per day. CIL anticipates supplying this industry with 33 million tonnes (MT) by the end of the current quarter. According to a statement from the coal goliath, that would mean 4.7 MT more coal for NRS, an increase of 16.6% from the 28.3 MT the business delivered in the third quarter of the year.

Deliveries to NRS were anticipated to total 33 MT between January and March, an increase of 3.1 MT over the same quarter of FY’22 and a double-digit growth of 10.4%.In the final quarter of the previous fiscal, CIL provided 29.9 MT to the unregulated sector.”The accretion in the coal inventory at CIL’s pitheads was the driving force behind the better deliveries to NRS, which began in the quarter beginning January’23. Despite higher supply to power utilities, CIL’s coal stock climbed by 6 lakh tonnes per day in the current month of March, the firm reported.

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