Gold price today at Rs 45,540 per 10 gm, silver trending at Rs 62,300 a kg

The price of 10 gm of 22-carat Gold on Friday remained at Rs 45,540, an increase of Rs 260 from yesterday’s price. Silver was selling at Rs 62,300 per kg: dropping Rs 200 from yesterday, according to the website Good Returns.

Gold jewellery price varies across India, the second-largest consumer of the metal, due to excise duty, state taxes, and making charges.

In New Delhi, the price stands at Rs 45,750 per 10 gm of gold. For Mumbai, the yellow metal is selling at Rs 45,540, while, in Chennai, it is at Rs 43,860, according to the website.

The rate of 24-carat gold also remained unchanged at Rs 46,540 per 10 gm, and increase of Rs 260 from yesterday’s price.

In New Delhi, gold price stands at Rs 49,910 per 10 gm (24 carat) while in Mumbai it is 46,540.

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