First foxtail millet food safety certification from AP outfit

The first organization to receive IndG.A.P certification for foxtail millet is a farmer-producer organization (FPO) called Sri Rapthadu Mandala Raithu Utpatti Darula MACS, which is based in the Andhra Pradesh district of Anantapur. It is supported by the agricultural businesses Samunnati and eFresh Agri Business Solutions.

The development occurs at a time when India’s government seeks to establish itself as the world’s millet hub. To help farmers and exporters fulfill international food safety standards, which are necessary to reach foreign markets, certification programs like IndG.A.P are created.

“Adopting G.A.P. confirmed by a robust certification will boost value realization by farmers and make India competitive in global agro exports,” stated Anil Kumar SG, founder of Samunnati.

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