Farmers anticipate a good harvest with wheat acres 2 lh higher than last year

Farmers and other stakeholders are expecting a weather-neutral harvest as the wheat acreage for this rabi season narrows its gain over the corresponding period last year. Three weeks should pass before the first crop is ready for market, and the favorable weather thus far has raised expectations for a sizable production. The area planted with wheat has grown by 2.29 lakh hectares (lh) from the previous year, compared to a 34 lh rise at the peak of the season on December 9.

According to data provided on Friday by the Agriculture Ministry, wheat has reached 332.16 lh so far in the current rabi season of the 2022–23 crop year (July–June). States have not reported any problems with the provision of electricity, diesel, irrigation water, seeds, or fertilizers. Additionally, there have been no complaints of any insect attacks from anywhere, according to officials.

According to the officials, the temperature in the upcoming three months will determine the crop output. The goal for the current year is 112 million tonnes (mt). The government had predicted 111.32 mt of wheat production in the second advance estimate for the 2021­­22 harvest; however, this number was later reduced downward to 106.84 mt due to a decline in yield as a result of a heat wave in March­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­–April that caused the grain to shrivel.

The total area planted with all rabi crops increased by 2.86 percent from 647.02 lh on January 6 to 665.58 lh today. Pulses now have 157.67 lh of land under cultivation compared to 156.23 lh of winter paddy, an increase of 21.29 lh.

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