2018 Maximum Demand Recovery, Oil Strike in Iran Nuclear Negotiations

Brent crude is up 22 cents or 3% in August. Up to $76.40.

As Iran’s oil export hike is delayed, investors will hold an OPEC meeting this week and then renew the nuclear deal in connection with the U.S. and Iran war, which will continue until October 2018.

Oil prices have risen for the past five weeks as simultaneous strong economic growth and their allies maintain production cuts.

OPEC Group has a market cap of 2.1 million barrels per day (PPT) from May to July. OPEC meeting on July 1 and August items distributed per month may be reduced due to oil price Increases if necessary.

In the coming week, the OPEC meeting will discuss the market against the vulnerabilities needed for recovery.

Expectations are beginning to rise again in the days leading up to the talks on the Iranian nuclear deal. Last week Tehran and the UN. The Nuclear Oversight Committee concluded the monitoring agreement.

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