$1900 Gold gain on perch losses

$ 1900 loss to gold gains and levels for the first week on Friday. But the difference was in the yellow metal for a long time.

Gold for the previous month at the New York’s Comex was, at $1,777.80, up just 10 1.10 or 0.1%. The weekly gain was slightly less anemia, 80 8.80 or 0.5%.

The future demand for gold for five months drops to more than $1919 a week to 1761, so gold has long been the worst suffering.

Afternoon New York Gold Spot Price to $1,779. Traders and financial managers have been deciding on a gold spot rate for some time, which means more immediate delivery than in the future.

The trader has confidence in gold because traders have been suffering from yellow metal for the last six months, so gold has become a rare commodity.

Covid has had a tough ride in gold last year, a record high of $ 2000 just months after advances in the COVID-19 vaccine. Gold at one point, 11 months under $ 1674.

The U.S. The Federal Reserve clocks inflation rose for the third month in a row in May, while personal income and consumer sentiment fell, with data from the U.S. on Friday. Revealed growing price pressures against weak buying.

Most of the information about inflation and other insecurity has been in the last few months, which is given to gold stocks.

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