With tightening global supplies, Jeera gains as buyers from throughout the world prefer Indian Jeera

Prices for jeera saw a little increase of 0.82%, leveling off at 22225, as purchasers from around the world favored Indian jeera in the face of limited supply worldwide. The upside was, however, constrained by worries about additional pressure from market arrivals, especially since 10,000 to 12,000 bags of jeera arrive in Rajkot Mandi every day, exceeding the levels of demand at now.

Cumin production in Gujarat has reached a record level, and in Rajasthan, it has increased by 53%. The surge in production has been driven by a 30–35% increase in sowing areas in strategic regions of Gujarat and Rajasthan.

An oversupply scenario has resulted from this significant rise in production, which may affect prices in the upcoming months. Export data from April to January 2024 showed a 25.33% decrease from the same period the previous year, despite anticipation of a large increase in cumin shipments in February 2024.

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