UPL and CleanMax combine to set up a hybrid solar-wind energy plant in Gujarat

UPL, a provider of sustainable agriculture solutions, announced on Friday that it has combined with CleanMax, a provider of renewable energy, to build a hybrid captive solar-wind energy plant in Gujarat. A hybrid captive power plant with a capacity of 28.05 MW of solar electricity and 33 MW of wind power will be built and run by the UPL and CleanMax in Gujarat, according to a release.

With the completion of this project, UPL will be able to use 30% more renewable energy worldwide (against 8 percent currently). Due to their complimentary nature, wind-solar hybrid power plants are extremely efficient, supplying a steady and reliable stream of electricity that aids in efficiently managing power needs.

In addition to being thrilled to be a part of India’s green energy boom, we look forward to introducing CleanMax to our OpenAg network through this cooperation, said Jai Shroff, Global CEO of UPL. according to Kuldeep Jain, the founder and managing director of CleanMax, “this 61.05 MW captive wind-solar hybrid project is a part of a bigger wind-solar hybrid farm created by CleanMax in Gujarat.

“The CleanMax wind solar hybrid farm has an overall capacity of over 400 MW, with 230 MW of wind and 180 MW of solar, resulting in an annual carbon abatement of 8.75 lakh tonnes of CO2 equivalent.” according to Jain, the hybrid plant combines solar and wind energy to provide UPL with a steady stream of sustainable energy throughout the year and at various times of the day.

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