The SGX Nifty marks a favorable start for the Indian market

The SGX Nifty is at 15,789.80, up 36.65 points.

The Nifty had an excellent pullback session above 100 points.

Banks and financial services made profits with Bajaj twins SBI and Sindh Bank.

Mid-caps also followed gains as the width was positive with some downsides like Auto & Cement.

As retail runs give hope to the Mid Cap Rally, another attempt to cross the 15800 marks is expected today.

U.S. Market: US markets Dow Jones gave up nearly 300 points to close the rally flat, while the Nasdaq rose by 100 points.

Inflation has been at an all-time high of 5% since 2008, with bond yields reaching 1.63%.

Markets expect higher bond yields, but taking risks in new times ignores the short term.

Asian market: Asian markets led by South Korean and Taiwanese markets traded green as technology stocks made gains.

The Japanese Nikkei also gained nearly 100 points in early trade as the market reaction to inflation was paralyzed by dangerous fluctuations.

Chinese stocks will operate as markets wait for yield increases to see a ripple effect globally.

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