Tata Power will support a Mumbai housing complex’s transition to solar energy in a first.

In Mumbai, a residential community is getting ready to move off the grid and use captive solar energy for home purposes. A contract for the provision of solar energy has been inked by Tata Power Renewable Energy Ltd and Vivarea Condominium, a housing association in south Mumbai. The 3.125 MW solar project, a first of its type, will be built in Himayat nagar, Maharashtra, to provide the community with clean energy. This captive solar power facility, which will be built, run, and maintained by TPREL, is anticipated to provide roughly 7.5 MU of energy and offset 6.15 tones of CO2 in its first year alone.

By the end of October, the project will be completed, and Vivarea Condominium will receive green power at a price that is around 40% less expensive than the going rate. The Vivarea Condominium is overjoyed to work with Tata Power on a group captive solar open access that will provide green energy for our needs. The honorary president of the Vivarea Condominium, Mitesh Mehta, stated that we will be the first in the nation to receive green power at a price that is nearly 40% cheaper than the cost of the current tariff.

“We have always been at the forefront when it comes to switching to renewable energy, with the support of all the residents. Mehta continued, “We think that investing in green energy is investing in the future of humanity. More than 10 GW of ground-mount utility-scale solar projects and more than 1.3 GW of rooftop and distributed power projects are in Tata Power’s portfolio. TPREL has a total renewable energy capacity of 6,048 MW, including 2,164 MW in various phases of implementation and 3,884 MW installed capacity.

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