Soya, peanut, and mustard have higher value than other oilseeds

Three oilseed crops accounted for more than two-thirds of the gross value output (GVO) of oilseeds for nearly ten years, from 2011–12 to 2019–20. Data from the National Statistics Office’s “State-by-state and item-by-item value of output from agriculture, forestry, and fishery” report reveals that during 2011–12 to 2019–20, the GVO of soybean, groundnut, and rapeseed crops exceeded 69.5 % of the overall GVO of oilseeds. In 2018­–19, these three crops made up the largest percentage of the global value of oilseeds (GVO), at 78 %.

In 2015–16, it was 69.5 %. It’s interesting to note that the total GVO for oilseeds ranged from a minimum of 93,000 crores in 2015–16 to a maximum of 1.16 lakh crores in 2019–20. When compared to the entire GVO of oilseeds, which was $1.06 lakh crore, groundnut and soybean accounted for about 52,800 crores. However, in 2019–20, groundnut and rapeseed–mustard crops made for about 55% of the total GVO for oilseeds. Groundnut and rapeseed-mustard made up 64,200 crores of the 1.16 lakh crore global value of oilseeds (GVO) in 2019–20.

Coconut’s gross value output decreased from 13,300 crores in 2011–12 to 10,000 crores in 2019–20. Castor’s GVO decreased from a peak of 11,300 crores in 2011 to a minimum of 7,700 crores in 2019–20. The remaining oilseeds did not exhibit a considerable increase over the nine-year period either. Nearly half of all India’s GVO of oilseeds, according to the research, came from the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra.

Gujarat’s oilseed production fell in 2012–13 compared to the State’s preceding and succeeding yearly outputs as a result of the decline in groundnut production. Oilseeds’ proportion of the GVO of all crops, which was 9 percent, was 8.4 percent in 2019–20. In 2011–12, oilseeds contributed 1.06 lakh crore of the 11.91 lakh crore of crop GVO. Oilseeds made for 1.16 lakh crore of the overall crop GVO for 2019–20, which was 13.82 lakh crore.

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