SEA projects that mustard production would reach a record 115.25 lakh tonnes

The Solvent Extractors’ Association (SEA) of India predicts that the production of the rapeseed­mustard crop will be around 115.25 lakh tonnes (lt) in 2022-­23. In 2021–2022, SEA anticipated that the crop would be 110 lt. On announcing the all-India estimate for the rapeseed-mustard crop in 2022–2023, SEA stated that India is on track to produce a record amount of rapeseed–mustard because lucrative pricing in the previous year spurred record plantings of the oilseed.

The highest-ever production was assisted by favorable weather in the majority of the mustard-growing States. It stated that the estimate was the result of a crop survey earlier this month that was carried out by the SEA of India. Rajasthan is predicted to generate 44.95 lt of the total expected 115.25 lt. Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana follow with 18.03, 16.69, and 11.47 lt, respectively.

The crop was projected to produce 128.18 lt in 2022–23, up from 119.63 lt in 2021–22, according to the Union Ministry of Agriculture’s second advance estimate, dated February 14. In a statement, SEA’s executive director, BV Mehta, said the organization had hired RMSI Cropanalytics Pvt Ltd for the study after two rounds of thorough crop surveys and remote sensing analysis for the maximum level of accuracy in crop area calculation.

The primary survey of nine major States and secondary survey of the remaining States led to an estimate of 95.77 lakh hectares (lh) for India’s rapeseed-mustard acreage for 2022–2023; this figure is lower than the estimate of 98.02 lh made by the Union Ministry of Agriculture. The largest amount of this has been estimated to be in Rajasthan at 37.43 lh, with Uttar Pradesh coming in second at 14 lh and Madhya Pradesh coming in third at 13.23 lh. Mehta stated that SEA is conducting the “Model Mustard Farm Project” alongside Solidaridad with the goal of increasing India’s rapeseed mustard production to 200 lt by 2025–2026.

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