Petrol price remain unchanged, diesel become cheaper by 20 paise after 31 days

Diesel price falls by 20 paise

Prices of diesel decreased by 19 to 21 paise across the country while petrol prices remained unchanged on August 18, according to a price notification by state-owned fuel retailers.

In Delhi, the diesel price decreased by 20 paise. This revised the diesel price in the national capital from Rs 89.87 per litre to Rs 89.67 a litre on the day, according to Indian Oil Corporation Limited’s (IOCL) price listing.

However, there was no change in the petrol prices on the day. The last increase took the petrol price in Delhi near Rs 102 per litre-mark. The petrol price in New Delhi soared to Rs 101.84 a litre.

Mumbai witnessed a decrease in diesel prices by 21 paise, which revised the rate from Rs 97.45 per litre to Rs 97.24 per litre. Like Delhi, the petrol prices remained unchanged and retailed at Rs 107.83 a litre. The financial hub, on May 29, became the first metro in the country where petrol was being sold for more than Rs 100 per litre.

Similarly, Kolkata also saw a decline in diesel prices. The fuel sold at Rs 92.82 per litre in the West Bengal capital, down by 20 paise from the previous price of Rs 93.02 per litre. The petrol price remained the same and retailed at Rs 102.08 per litre.

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