India’s sugar output is predicted to decline by 3.6% in 2022–2023 by AISTA

In its first estimate of sugar production for 2022–23, which was just announced, the private trade group All India Sugar Traders Association (AISTA) estimated India’s sugar production at 34.5 million tonnes, a decrease of 3.63% from the 35.8 million tonnes produced in the prior year.

Maharashtra will produce 12.4 million tonnes of sugar this season, down from 13.7 million tonnes the year before, according to AISTA. The second-largest producer of sugar, Uttar Pradesh, is expected to produce 10.5 million tonnes, up from 10.2 million tonnes the year before.

AISTA anticipates that 5 million tonnes of sucrose will be diverted from B heavy mollases, sugar syrup, and sugarcane juice for the manufacturing of ethanol.

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