India’s power consumption increased by 8.5% to 119.64 billion units, in November.

November saw a rise in the nation’s power consumption of 119.64 billion units (BU), or approximately 8.5 percent, as a result of celebrations and more economic activity. Based on government data, power consumption was 110.25 billion units in the same period last year, which was more than the 99.32 billion units recorded in November 2021.

November saw a rise to 204.60 GW, the largest supply of power in a day, or the peak power demand met. In November 2022 and November 2021, the maximum electricity supply was 187.34 GW and 166.10 GW, respectively.

During the summer, the power ministry projected that the nation’s electricity consumption would reach 229 GW. Unseasonal rains in April and July prevented demand from reaching the anticipated level.

But in June, the peak supply reached a record high of 224.1 GW, and in July, it fell to 209.03 GW. In August, peak demand reached 238.19 GW. This year, in September, it was 240.17 GW. October 2023 had 222.16 GW of demand at its highest.

Power usage was impacted by significant rains in March, April, May, and June of this year, according to industry analysts. They said that the increase in power usage in August, September, and October was mostly caused by the humid weather and an increase in industrial activity in advance of the holiday season.

According to them, November’s 8.5% increase in power usage was caused by celebrations and more prosperous business ventures. November saw the celebrations of Dev Deepavali, Bhaiya Dooj, Diwali, and Dhanteras. Because of the increases in economic activity, analysts predict that electricity consumption will expand steadily over the next few months.

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