India’s mineral production increased by 10.7%, in July 2023.

When compared to the same month the previous year, India’s mineral output increased by 10.7% in July 2023. According to a Ministry of Mines announcement, the index of mineral production in the mining and quarrying industry was 111.9 in July 2023, which is 10.7 percent higher than the previous month. According to preliminary data from the Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM), the total growth from April to July over the same time the previous year is 7.3%.

In July 2023, the following minerals were produced: Coal (693 lakh tonne), Lignite (32 lakh tonne), Natural gas (utilized) (3062 million cu. m.), Petroleum (crude) (25 lakh tonne), Bauxite (1477 thousand tonne), Chromite (280 thousand tonne), Copper conc. (10 thousand tonne), Gold (102 kg), Iron ore (172 lakh tonne), Lead conc. (30 thousand tonne).

Meanwhile, important minerals showing positive growth in July 2023 over July 2022 included Chromite (45.9%), Manganese Ore (41.7%), Coal (14.9%), Limestone (12.7%), Iron Ore (11.2%), Gold (9.7%), Copper Conc. (9%), Natural gas (U) (8.9%), Lead Conc. (4.7%), Zinc Conc. (3.6%), Magnesite (3.4%), and Petroleum (crude) (2.1%). Other major minerals that had negative growth included lignite (-0.7%), bauxite (-3.2%), phosphorite (-24.7%), and diamond (-27.3%).

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