India’s coal output increased by 8.4% to 222.93 million tonnes in Q1FY24.

The Ministry of Coal released a statement stating that overall coal production in India increased by 8.4% in the first quarter of FY 2023–24 to 222.93 million tonne (MT) as opposed to 205.65 MT in the first quarter of FY 2022–23. In comparison to 159.63 MT produced during the same period last year, Coal India Ltd (CIL) saw an increase of 9.85 percent, with production reaching 175.35 MT in FY 2023–24. Captive mines and other entities also saw an increase of 4.74 percent, reaching 30.48 MT in FY 2023–24 as opposed to 29.10 MT in FY 2022–23. The ministry stated that “these achievements have contributed to the overall positive momentum in the sector.”

At the same time, cumulative coal dispatch has been on the rise, increasing 6.97% to 239.69 MT (Provisional) in the first quarter of FY 2023–24 from 224.08 MT in the same period last year. The production of Coal India increased by 5.32 percent to 186.21 MT in Q1 of FY 2023–24 from 176.81 MT in Q1 of FY 2022–23.

In addition, SCCL and captive/others reported 18.07 MT and 35.41 MT during the first quarter of the fiscal year, respectively, up from 17.30 MT and 29.97 MT in the corresponding period of FY 2022–23, with growth rates of 4.45% and 18.16%. According to the report, “These numbers demonstrate the effectiveness of the coal supply chain in ensuring seamless distribution across the nation.”

The ministry added that the increase in offtake has led to a 37.62% year-over-year rise in the nation’s coal stock position. The entire coal stock was 107.15 MT (provisional) on June 30, 2023, up from 77.86 MT on June 30, 2022, showing that attempts to meet the increased demand for coal are still being made.

The Ministry of Coal continued, “India’s persistence in meeting its energy demands and fostering continuous economic growth is underscored by the sustained efforts of the Ministry of Coal towards enhancing coal production and ensuring seamless dispatch.”

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