India’s coal output increased by 7.10% to 76.26% MT in May.

At 76.26 million tonnes (MT) in May, domestic coal production increased year over year by 7.10%. India produced 71.21 MT of coal in the same month in 2022, according to a statement from the coal ministry.

“Ministry of Coal has accomplished a remarkable feat with a significant surge in overall coal production during May 23, reaching 76.26 MT surpassing May 22 of 71.21 MT, representing an increase of 7.10%,” it added. From 138.41 MT in April and May of FY23, total coal production increased to 149.41 MT in April and May of FY24.

Coal India Ltd (CIL) alone produced 59.94 MT of coal in May, an increase of 9.54 % above the 54.72 MT produced in May 2022. With improved first-mile connectivity infrastructure, coal dispatch climbed 5.70% to 82.22 MT in May 2018 from 77.79 MT the previous month. First-mile connection describes the movement of coal from mines to distribution centers.

The total coal dispatch for April and May of FY24 was 162.44 MT, up from 149.76 MT in the same time last year. According to the ministry, the increase in offtake has left a comfortable coal stock position, ensuring a steady supply of coal at pithead stocks at CIL, SCCL, the stock at TPP(DCB), etc.

The total coal stock increased by 35.48% from 82.97 MT on May 31, 2022 to 112.41 MT on May 31, 2023. The nation’s ability to handle unanticipated changes in energy demand has been improved by the coal stock position, which also ensures that the country’s energy needs will be met.

Due to the initiative taken by the ministry to improve rail connectivity infrastructure under PM Gati Shakti, the availability of coal rakes for coal transportation has been continuously good throughout this time.

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