Higher yield is anticipated by SOPA to increase soyabean production to 120 lakh tonnes

The Kharif 2022 crop has been estimated by the Soyabean Processors Association of India (SOPA), the leading trade organization for the industry, at 120.39 lakh tonnes (lt), up from 118.89 lt in the prior year. The Ministry of Agriculture’s initial advance estimates of 128.92 lt is lower than SOPA’s projections for the crop.

Despite a decrease in the total area to 114.50 lakh ha (LH) this Kharif season compared to 119.98 LH the previous year, SOPA’s crop estimates remain optimistic. The Government’s estimate of 120.82 LH for the Kharif 2022 season is higher than SOPA’s estimate of acreage. The increased output reported by the soybean trade association this year is a result of better rain distribution in important growing states like Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

SOPA stated the overall output increased by almost 6% to 1,051 kg per hectare from 991 kg the previous year. The output in Madhya Pradesh, the state with the highest soybean production, will be higher this year, at 53.26 lt, compared to 52.29 lt last year. This is despite acreage at 50.66 LH declining by approximately 10%. (55.68 LH).

The yield in M.P. is predicted to increase by 12% to 1,051 kg from 939 kg the year before. According to SOPA, Maharashtra’s output will fall to 46.91 lakh tonnes from 48.32 lakh tonnes the year before due to lower yields of 1,080 kg/ha (down from 1,102 kg/ha). Furthermore, the region has shrunk to 43.44 lakh acres (43.84 LH).

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