Government removes import taxes on whole tur

In an effort to keep an eye on the local costs of the lentil, the government has abolished the standard 10% customs charge on whole tur or pigeon peas. The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) stated that import duty on Tur (whole) will be “Nil” in a notification dated March 3. As of March 4, there is a lowered duty.

However, there is still a 10% basic customs charge applied to the import of any form of tur other than whole. The exemption from the country’s import tariff on the whole tur comes amid decreased projections for tur output.

According to the agriculture ministry’s initial prediction, tur production is expected to be 3.89 million tonnes, down from 4.34 million tonnes in the previous crop year (2022–2023). The Kharif crop tur.

The government said in January that it had formed an advance plan to import roughly 10 lakh tonnes of higher quality tur dal via private trade this year to cover the domestic requirement due to a potential shortfall.

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