Government does not intend to impose MEP on any agricultural commodity. Commerce Ministry

The minimum export price (MEP) for all agricultural products is “strictly” not planned, the administration announced on Friday. Department of Commerce’s Additional Secretary, stated that the government has no plans to investigate the export of any agricultural products.

Just to be clear, the government does not intend to assess all agricultural products from an export standpoint or to apply MEP to all of them. There isn’t a decision like that. He said to reporters in this place, “The government has strictly no such plans.”

The choice of basmati rice was made lately by an inter-ministerial committee that examines MEP on onions. The committee is not there “to look into each agriproduct and start recommending MEP for that,” he clarified while discussing the group’s expanded mandate.

He said that even though it is illegal to export non-basmati white rice, India has set aside 13 lakh tons of rice for export to more than 14 nations in order to help them with their food security problems.

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