Foodgrain Production for Kharif Season FY24 Is Anticipated at 154 MT

Food grain production in the nation is expected to be roughly 154.19 million tonnes during the kharif season and 155.12 million tonnes during the rabi season in 2023–2024, according to government estimates released on Thursday. The output of Kharif rice is projected to be 111.46 million tonnes, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare’s second advance estimate of the key crops. Twelve.36 million tonnes are projected for the rabi season.

An estimated 112.02 million tonnes of wheat will be produced. Production of millet grain is expected to be 2.49 million tonnes during the rabi season and 12.89 million tonnes during the kharif season. Tur is expected to be produced in 3.34 million tonnes, which is marginally greater than the 3.31 million tonnes produced in the previous year. The anticipated gram projection is 12.16 million tonnes, a little less than the previous year.

The anticipated amount of lentils produced this year is 1.64 million tonnes, up from 1.56 million the year before. Estimates for soybean, rapeseed, and mustard production put them at 12.70 million and 12.56 million tonnes, respectively. According to the preliminary estimate, 446.43 million tonnes of sugarcane will be produced, and 32.31 million bales of cotton weighing 170 kg apiece will be produced.

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