Domestic cotton demand is anticipated to decline by 6% in the season 2022-2023

The Cotton Association of India (CAI) has anticipated that the domestic cotton demand for India for the 2022–23 season up to September will be roughly 18 lakh bales (170 kg each) lower at 300 lakh bales or nearly 6% less than last year’s 318 lakh bales. The fall in domestic consumption was ascribed to mill operations being scaled back as a result of weak demand for yarn and fabric at the association’s Cotton Crop Committee meeting on Monday.

The cotton trade group reported that spinning mills were operating at 40 to 60 percent of their potential in the first quarter, which could result in a decline in cotton consumption in India for the calendar year beginning in October 2022.

Atul Ganatra, President of CAI, stated, “Looking at the unfavorable scenario, cotton exports have been expected to be lower by 5 lakh bales to 30 lakh bales for the year against earlier estimate of 35 lakh bales.” He said that there was little demand for apparel and yarn in foreign markets.

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