Data from FII DII: On December 7, 2022, DII purchased shares for Rs 388.85 crore while FPI sold shares worth Rs 1,241.87 crore.

According to information available on NSE, foreign institutional investors (FII) sold shares worth a net of Rs 1,241.87 crore on December 7, 2022, while domestic institutional investors (DII) purchased shares worth a net of Rs 388.85 crore.
Up to December 7, FIIs sold shares totaling a net amount of Rs 4,367.46 crore, while DIIs purchased shares totaling a net amount of Rs 5,815.48 crore. FIIs bought shares worth a net of Rs 22,546.34 crore in November, while DIIs sold shares worth a net of Rs 6,301.32 crore.

Those who invest in a nation’s financial assets while not residing there are known as foreign institutional investors (FII) or foreign portfolio investors (FPI). In contrast, domestic institutional investors (DII) make investments in the nation in which they reside. Political and economic trends have an impact on both FIIs and DIIs’ investment decisions. Additionally, both domestic institutional investors (DIIs) and foreign institutional investors (FIIs) have the ability to influence net investment flows in the economy.

Weak market mood is probably going to continue in Thursday’s early trades because important US and Asian indexes showed a range-bound pattern with a bias against them. The results of the elections in the two states of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh will be closely watched since they could have an emotional impact on the markets.

In addition, a hawkish Federal Reserve and declining GDP projections are contributing to the rapid rise in recession anxiety in the US. This will undoubtedly have an impact on international markets, including those in India, as any such worry may cause investors, primarily FIIs, to withdraw capital from emerging economies. Additionally, the Reserve Bank of India’s monetary policy demonstrated that inflation worries are still very much alive, according to Prashanth Tapse, Senior Vice President of Research at Mehta Equities.

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