Coconut exports up 41% in FY22 as activated carbon demand

India’s coconut and product exports in 2021-­22 totaled ₹3,237 crore on the back of increased shipments of activated carbon. Shipments reported a growth of more than 41 per cent against ₹2,295 crore in the 2020-­21 fiscal year. Activated carbon collected an export revenue of ₹2,064 crore with a shipment of 1,37,363 tonnes.

According to official sources, the U.S. continued to be the leading station for activated carbon exports, which is a medium used for gold extraction and purification. Countries such as Germany, Russia, Korea, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada etc. also shipped the product.

The data released by the Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics, Kolkata, reveal that coconut oil and fractions were the next best in the country’s export basket, collecting a revenue of ₹430 crore on a shipment of 16,038 tonnes. Copra exports during the period were to the tune of ₹139 crore with 11,325 tonnes being shipped. Exports of desiccated coconut powder stood at ₹119 crore for a quantity of 7,457 tonnes.

The total imports of coconut and products into the country during the period were to the tune of ₹728 crore. Of this, oil cake and oil cake deport varieties of coconut accounted for ₹500 crore with the quantity being 2,18,481 tonnes. Copra imports were 8,589 tonnes valued at ₹79 crore. Coconut shell charcoal import was 58,648 tonnes worth ₹27 crore.

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