A trade association for sugar projects a 4% decrease in output to 31.6 million tons.


India’s sugar production is expected to decrease by 4 per cent in the October 2023 to September 2024 season to 31,6 million tones from 32,9 million tones in the previous season as per the first estimate made by the AISTA (All India Sugar Trade Association). The production, with a range of plus or minus by 3 per cent, does not include the diversion of about 2 million tones of sucrose for ethanol production.

The entire amount of sucrose diverted to produce ethanol has been maintained by the government at 1.7 meters over the entire season, The greater estimate for diversion provided by the trade association shows
There may be a chance for the government to ease off in the upcoming days, a business analyst stated.

As per the trade body, the nation’s estimated sugar availability is projected to be 37.3 mt this season, above the estimated 29 mt of domestic consumption. As of October 1, 2023, the beginning stock of sugar was 5.7 mt, and it was mentioned that the ending stock for the 2023–2024 season might be as high as 8.2 mt. The largest State that produces sugarcane, Uttar Pradesh, is expected to produce 11.7 mt of sugar this season, 9.3% more than 10.7 mt last year. My final season. Maharashtra has a fixed sugar output. It could decline 10.3% to 9.6 mt from 10.7 mt, and in Karnataka, it might decrease 16.1% to 4.7 mt.

Despite initial concerns that the drought in Karnataka would cause a sharp decline in sugar production, November’s unseasonal rains increased yield and sugar content.

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