Jeera Benefits From Tighter Global Supply As Buyers Throughout the World Preferred Indian Jeera

Jeera prices increased by 1.62% due to high demand worldwide. However, the market arrivals are growing, which is putting pressure on the upward potential. Enhanced sowing areas and favorable weather have contributed to increased cumin production in India’s main producing regions. Cumin production in Gujarat is predicted to hit a record high of 4.08 lakh…

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Domestic feed and food sectors’ consumption of soy in October–December decreased

During the first three months of the oil year 2023–24, beginning in October, soya bean offtake by the domestic feed and food sector has been slow. The feed sector consumed 18.5 lakh tones (lt) during the October–December period, according to the most recent figures provided by the Soybean Processors Association of India (SOPA). This is…

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