Why MCX Market Tracker

Why MCX Market Tracker is best app for MCX Users

  1. It is very user friendly mobile app why because
    1. It is one time authentication , not every time it’ll ask your username and password
    2. Calls and Market message are in Simplified English which anyone can understand easily
    3. Explicit link for calls, news, chart, past performance
    4. Subscription payment method will be easy
  2. Accurate Calls – Every day we are giving 3 to 5 calls in MCX Gold, Silver, Crude, Natural Gas and Base metals. Most of the calls will be achieved in the same day. Our accuracy rate is always above 80% and yearly average nearly 90%
  3. Accurate Levels – We are updating the pivot levels for two times morning and evening. We are following unique formula to generate these levels which are very accurate
  4. Past Performance calendar – None of the mobile app in the world is providing the past performance calendar which any one can easily understand our calls accuracy on overview
  5. SMS Alert – We are providing SMS alert for subscribed customers. So that user will never missed our market calls whether they have data connection or not
  6. Push Notification – It is free for all trail users and subscribed users  always. Whenever we post the calls you will alerting by push notification without fail

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