Gold & Oil market – Prediction

Gold prices have fallen for a third straight week and retail demand is very week.
Many customers are busy in paying advance tax since this is the last month of the fiscal year.
Dealers in India were offering a discount of up to $3 an ounce over official domestic price which includes 10% import tax.
Gold remain subdued for the fourth consecutive week and demand for gold rises in April due to Akshaya Tritya and marriage occasions.
It expected to be a volatile weak for precious metals and the prices are struggling to hold the early March gains.
Oil markets raised on Monday due to the fall in number of oil rig drilling in US for more production .
The strong employment data may support the oil price and it will drive the higher fuel demand.
The prices of Barley are expected to trade lower towards Rs.1420 from Rs.1445 per quintal in coming days on account of high production and stocks prevailed in Jaipur market.

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