Commodity : Decline in this week

The commodities such as pepper, rubber, turmeric and sugar are expected to continue in bearish momentum in today’s market.
Pepper: Availability of imported pepper from Vietnam and Srilanka, pulled down the pepper prices. Pepper from Karnataka moved at Rs.365 per Kg and Srilankan pepper sold mainly in south at Rs.360 per Kg for this week.
Rubber: According to Rubber board report, the rubber showed dull volumes and concluded at Rs.124 in March.
Turmeric: 60% of newly arrived turmeric was sold for traders who have export orders. Due to this, the medium quality turmeric was arrived for sale in Erode market. It reflects in Indian commodity market and turmeric share values get decrease in coming days.
Sugar: Sugar company share prices remain under pressure for its higher production.N Sugar mills will attempt to ship about 2 million metric tonnes of sugar this year to overcome these losses.

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