10 commandments of MCX Trading

  1. Start trading with at least Rs.50000 to 100,000 . Above one lakh is always safe to attend the 3 to 5 market calls per day and you can make Rs.4000 average profit per day
  2. Set you mind at limited profit. You can expect 10% of profit maximum per day. Above 10% is always risk
  3. Don’t try Gold and Silver mega with less than 1 Lakh investment. Usually brokerage companies will encourage the customers to trade on bullion because of the huge volume will be occurred when you try it. So that they will get a good brokerage commission
  4. As well as Base Metals mega are also risky for small traders with less than 1 lakh investment. But its comparatively less than Bullion. And movement on base metals are always less since the lot size is high except copper and nickel. Try Copper and Nickel if you are beginner and small trader
  5.  Don’t try new order after 6PM(IST). It is most volatile time. Most of the predication which come between 6 – 7 PM will never work. But you can wait for the target for executed order which was placed morning
  6. If you are beginner to trading, get some good financial advisory support like us. Advisory cost should not be more than 5000
  7.  Don’t take positional(long term) until you have enough fund in your account. Intraday is good option for small trader and beginners
  8. Take away your profit frequently. Don’t keep your profit with your account and trade on it. It’s not a good practice. It will push you un-controlled trading
  9. Crude Oil, Silvermini, Copper are best options for small traders and beginners
  10. Keep talking with your sub-broker and advisory team, clear your doubts and queries. It will give you a better learning on trading.
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